Snog – The Last Days Of Rome (Album ) CD

The Last Days Of Rome (Album ) CDAs should be obvious to any erudite observer there are no parallels here with the contemporary world stage at all. And so it is that Snog turn their back on their most recent outings of barbed satirical electro-punk and instead offer a new brand new album of historical narratives and charming tone poems set in palatable electro-pop surroundings, The Last Days Of Rome.

Exclusive Australian Pressing includes 4 exclusive bonus tracks, exclusive cover art, and deluxe digipak packaging with 12 page booklet

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Record Label:  Psy-Harmonics
Style: Electronic
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Track Listing
1. One Grain Of Sand
2. The Last Days Of Rome
3. Lost At Sea
4. It’s All Lies
5. City
6. Vaguely Melancholic
7. Whateverman
8. Christmas Everyday
9. I Do Know Now
10. The Billionaire’s Bullshit Machine
11. Go To Sleep (Little Australia)
12. One Speck Of Dust
Bonus Track
14. The Last Days Of Rome (Sir Real Remix)
Exclusive Bonus Tracks
15. Whateverman (Instrumental)
16. It’s All Lies (Instrumental)
17. Vaguely Melancholic (Instrumental)
18. Uncle Rupert

Australian edition CD also contains 4 bonus tracks not available in any other territory
* Tracks 15 -18

Album Released 28th September 2007

The album opens with the epic majesty of ‘One Grain Of Sand’, an ode to the pyramid builders of ancient Egypt and an excellent place to begin our journey. Our title track follows with its grinding beats and tumultuous slave-galley motifs. The third track on the album ‘Lost At Sea’ tells the quaint tale of a group of reckless pirates who jettison their map overboard and find themselves perilously close to the rocks. Will they survive, or will that hungry maiden the ocean devour them? Again any fevered imaginings of a comparison to current events would be the height of foolishness. Track four ‘It’s All Lies’ bears no connection to today’s responsible global citizens known as the mass media conglomerates, instead it is a parable told from the point of view of a Roman centurion who witnesses the dust of an enemy infantry approach but dare not believe the end is nigh.

‘City’ does not carp on about contemporary urban alienation and disenfranchisement but actually tells the heroic story of those visionaries who built the great middle ages city of London out of the most picturesque pre-loved timber available and cluttered its streets with refuse in a bold attempt to kick-start what is today known as urban renewal. And so it goes. Other highlights include the heartfelt metropolitan psalm ‘Christmas Everyday’ and the tender down-under nursery rhyme ‘Go To Sleep (Little Australia)’. All these pieces are skillfully presented in the agitated and rhythmic manner that today’s youth find so attractive yet they are also carefully crafted so as to never actually say anything at all thus avoiding any needlessly dangerous or uncomfortable moments.

After almost forty live dates around the USA, Europe, Russia and Australia in 2006 Snog return to the recording studio in 2007 (unlike the Romans of which they sing) victorious.

Produced by The Calculators (The Faint, Adalita) and recorded in Melbourne, Australia and Renswoude, The Netherlands 2007 AD
Mastered By Simon Polinski