Psy-Harmonics is a label that specialises in eclectic electronic psychedelic experimental and ambient music.

The Psy-Harmonics sound travels to the inner space of your mind, through to outer space while passing through the standard earthling places of abode and leisure, if you feel your musical project is evolving with such influence and originality, we would be interested to hear it.

Our preferred format is CD, but any other standard format is acceptable. Please don’t send too much material to begin with – 3 or 4 of your best tracks is a good start.

Clearly label all submissions in order to avoid loss (Name, Address, Phone, Email) on the cover and disk.
This is very important as we receive many demo submissions that are not labelled correctly and we don’t know who they are from.

Unfortunately, we are not able to reply individually to everyone who submits music to us, but we can assure you that all demos are reviewed and, we will be in touch if we like what we hear and wish to discuss it further.

Because of the huge volume of demos we receive, it’s not possible to acknowledge receipt of submissions. If you want to make sure that your material has been received, please send it by a registered post service.

We DO NOT accept demos by email (MP3, WAV, AIFF or any other attachment). Please do not submit demos in this way – they will be automatically deleted or bounced back without being heard.

Thanks, and best of luck with your music!

P.O. Box 1041
Victoria 3071
AustraliaEmail: psy (AT)
Fax: : +61 3 9495 1560General & Distribution Enquiries:
psy (AT) orders enquiries:
orders (AT)

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Psy-Harmonics loves to receive your demos, so please feel free to send them to our A&R; Department for consideration:

P.O. Box 1041
Victoria 3071