FM3 – Buddha Machine

FM3 - Buddha MachineThis is a quite unbeleivable, utterly unique soundbox from China, which is causing quite a stir worldwide – the Sun City Girls / Sublime Frequencies main man Alan Bishop bought twenty four of these on sight and Brian Eno bought eight! (how’s that for apocalyptical math?). FM3 are a duo of Christiaan Virant and Chinese keyboardist and computer musician Zhang Jian – based in Beijing. The Buddha Machine is a hardware loop player, built kind of like a little AM radio, playing 9 different built-in loops on an endless cycle, with one simple button allowing you to fade between them – something that creates an oddly compulsive effect on the senses. Available in 6 different colors,(shipped randomly), comes with 2 x AA batteries. Simple and beautifully bizarre – the perfect christmas gift you’ll want to keep all to yourself.
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Product Type:  Music Box
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Record Label:  FM3
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Format: Music Player
Genre: Experimental / Ambient / Avant GardeSorry this release is currently sold out!

Founded by Christiaan Virant in Beijing in 1999, FM3 pioneered avant-garde electronic music in China. Virant works closely with computer musician Zhang Jian, distilling the FM3 sound from traditional Chinese instruments and home-made electronic loop boxes called Buddha machines.The Buddha Machine is a small soundbox made in China which comes with an integrated speaker, a volume control, mini jack-out and a switch to choose between nine different loops which are stored on a small chip and can be directly played by this mini soundsystem.

‘As music becomes increasingly robbed of physical form and reduced down to a series of file extensions, there’s something undeniably appealing about the actual-factual ownership of a physical entity. Whether this be the pleasure of handling a new 12″ or copping a good sniff on a glossy CD booklet (it takes us back to our sticker collecting days, ok!?), music has always been about more than mere vibrations flooding down your cochlea. It therefore shouldn’t come as any surprise that The Buddha Machine has gained such widespread admiration – simultaneously giving people something more to fetishise, whilst providing a lo-tech alternative to the opaque comfort-nipple of a playlist-addled iPod generation. You could say it’s spiritual…’

FM3 Buddha Machine