Snog – City EP/CD

City EP/CDSo what is it with these SNOG guys? Just when we have them all figured out as agit-prop electro propagandists they go and drop a brand new CD-EP the title track of which (City) is an electro “power ballad”. And a strangely affecting and even touching electro “power ballad” at that. Don’t they know that electronic bands are meant to just make the same record and over and over again? Sheeesh. This could really upset the apple cart. And what’s with those new collaborations with those denizens of the dubstep deep Monster Zoku Onsomb? Are they weird but kinda catchy or what? And Thrussell (if it really is Thrussell?) now he sounds a bit like a mutant Berlin cabaret singer from the 1920s over an elastic mashed-up beat. This really is too much. And then they bring out the remixes, The Calculator’s svelte dancefloor killer,Curse Ov Dialect’s straight-up insanity and to top it off right near the end of the record there is some guy sounds like he is singing songs around a camp fire to a bunch of Girl Guides. ….What the freak is going on here?
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Record Label:  Psy-Harmonics
Style: Electronic
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Track Listing
1. City (edit) 4.03
2. Keep A Truckin’ (featuring the Monster Zoku Onsomb!) 3.40
3. Social Disease (featuring the Monster Zoku Onsomb!) 4.13
4. License 4.51
5. Lost At Sea (The Calculators Remix) 5.44
6. Lost At Sea (Vishnudata Remix) 6.38
7. It’s All Lies (Curse Ov Dialect Remix) 3.02
8. City (Hesius Dome Remix) 5.14
9. City (Hecq Remix) 5.53
10. All Hail 3.15
11. City (acoustic version) 5.18
12. City (album version) 5.07

“Snog is the greatest band in the world at the moment. Sorry that’s it, that’s all.”
Left Hip Magazine (U.S.A) March 2008